Open for business over the Silly Season :)

Manu Amazon Jungle
Manu Amazon Jungle

Not everyone can take a full month off and leave some clients stranded in the bliss of the festive seasons, holidays and merriment.

At Immortals we have a standby crew for those impending mad deadlines for Jan 2020.

For that late agency brief treatment.

or for your xmas and new years parties movie.

We Available. Set. Contact us.

We will make a plan & watch your back.

Warm regards, to you all over the festive season and a happy new year.

Classic @Banksy art. A classic subversive artist.

As image makers we love the psychology of form, light and color enhanced by impressive live action direction.

For more on film as subversive art see @Amos Vogel  exceptional paper.
Film as a Subversive Art is a fully illustrated 1974 film history book by Amos Vogel with mini-essays on over 600 films. The book was published by Random House, New York; it was re-printed with a new foreword and introduction in 2005. Vogel, Amos [1974]. Film as a Subversive Art. C. T. Editions. ISBN 0-9547071-1-7. Wikipedia Originally published: 1974 Author: Amos Vogel Genre: Film criticism Adaptations: Film as a Subversive Art: Amos Vogel and Cinema 16 (2004)