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SunDog Collective Art and Literature
Artist - SEADOG
Locked Out

Younger brother of the collective, Locked out at sea for most of the world lockdown. Delivering a catamaran yacht to the Philippines. where he made art from found trash on beaches, His meditations at sea.. are in words and images captured with long exposure photography at night, of the full Moon and her reflections on the sea.

SunDog Collective Art and Literature
Artist "sundog"
Wheel of Crypto -(wip)
Path of man & Divinity, Inkari collection.
Source of the Amazon River - apu rimac river peruvian andes Machu Pitchu cusco
Cusco ^ the sacred valley
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The mighty #Atacama desert. San Pedro de Atacama, Path of man & Divinity, from my #Inkari collection. Active #volcano

Scratchings in Art


In the deep, the whale sings our dreams

a study of Whale skin

Error Glyphs -(wip) just for fun


Inspired by the wonderful early Ai generated Glyphes.  These are not Ai, they are system errors, I get a lot of working on a small 2 gig ram machine.


Luno wallet

As a small Organic farm , we help distribute much needed Vegetables to Mama Mikki & Yiza soup kitchens. Feeding over 350 kids and elderly

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