Visual Spectrum  Bronze Award

Dir/Dop/cameraman Warrick Mc Leod has won bronze 

in this years prestigious Visual Spectrum Cinematography Awards

for his short film Elven Sky

Finalist Nomination Visual Spectrum Awards. Finalist Nomination Visual Spectrum Awards.

With Elven Sky Warrick Mc Leod started out to win a prized RED EPIC PRO KIT from the la Jolla fashion film festival San Diego . With only four weeks to write produce shoot and edit a short film 2.5 min. ‘Elvin Sky, a feminine divine is the result.  A Winter passion film project’ # 1 with old & new friends. Won Gold in Miami fff Was nominated for 12 awards in 3 festivals including Bokehfff in Cape Town .  Massive support was received from Cape Towns tremendously talented crew, talent, suppliers, fashion & costume designers all enhanced by a troupe of burlesque dancers. Shot over 2 days on the mighty Red Epic @4k 100fps. inspired by the Legend of the Peace pipe and the Divine White Buffalo Calf Woman, Chanupa Wakan. North American culture

ELVEN  SKY  is  an  independent  creative  venture,  a  unique  FASHION  FILM  where STEAMPUNK  and  HAUTE  COUTURE  have  merged,  which  has  captured  some  of  Cape  Town's  elite  international  model  talent  on  motion  picture  in  the  short  film  medium.  This is a platform where the world of hi gh fashion is explored through  the film camera, a  unique  genre  still  very  new  in  the  world  of  both  film  and  fashion.  ELVEN  SKY  was  created in South Africa with a crew of various professionals across  the local Cape Town  film  and  fashion  industry,  along  with  well  known  local  designers  Gavin  Rajah  and  Jo  Carlin. Created- filmed and  Directed  by  Warrick  Mc Leod.  Edited  by  Carol  Groenewald  at  Priest  Post     Productions

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