Digital image Technician D.I.T

Warrick is proficient with all modern digital cinema & stills cameras, and their workflows

Professional on set DIT services. Digital cinema camera supervision, Data capture, trans-codes, dailies and grade editing

For the past nine years you could find Warrick looking after the Digital Cinema camera, Dp’s and maintaining the digital image acquisitions workflows @s the D.I.T or Digital Image Technician

working with his 12 core apple mac tower beast & monitor to capture inspect and transcode. Mac book pro’ laptops are also avail

On set camera & post solutions avail



  1. Red One -Epic-Dragon cameras-
  2. Arri Alexa cameras-
  3. Phantom cameras-
  4. Canon dslr 5D/ 7D cameras-
  5. Sony cameras-
  6. Remote heads -
  7. Arri Lighting systems-
  8. Adobe Post production tools, Premier 6 and after effects photoshop,
  9. DaVinci. Resolve
  10. Final Cut pro

Due to the Nature of Cape Town being a service destination. I double up as Digital AC as well as HOD in Camera dept. So on smaller projects I can Dp and look after all my own footage


With 20 years experience in the film & video world. Warrick was never shy to work with good old Sony video beta cam cameras. Starting to shoot video based projects in 1996. Receiving his first gold award & 2 nominations for 2 of his ‘making of’ videos in 2000 with Velocity Afrika and Film Masters Italy. His extensive knowledge of HD placed him perfectly for the change from film to Digital Cinema. Jumping to  the opportunity to work as a D.I.T for the film industry on the New Red One cameras. Peter Jackson's ‘Boris & Natasha’ to be precise. The very same cameras that filmed District 9. With his excellent knowledge of post and HD he has gone on to D.I.T many international feature and commercial productions. His favorite digital cinema camera is still the RED although the Arri Alexa is making great strides forward in the Digital Cinema world with is ease of use and no real trans-coding necessary. With Warrick’s knowledge of film and digital he is perfect to assist your international DOP in getting and keeping what they want

Warrick is still avail to wrangle and D.I.T your next project

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Red Rocket custom Imac 27'

Arri Raw ready

Camera Artifact inspection and prevention

Daile trans-codes


Master Harold & the boys , Dop L Gerber

Sea Shepard

Ceat Tyres india

Tom Odell Music videos Dop S Annis

Inspired Entertainment Feature film

Tooth Fairy Productions Dop Warrick Mc Leod




Director of photography & cameraman #SteveAnnis filming Singer #TomOdell music videos

Red Dragon user