Film Director

jack mantis band rollercoaster music video

'Rollercoaster' - Jack Mantis Band. ยท

Thank you Warrick for the vision, the direction and edit, you truly are a gift...we are eternally in your love.

.Jack Mantis . Artistic Visionary. Music Video

















Lighting Cameraman D.O.P

dash berlin music video DOP

Warrick constantly adapts his style to that of the director and brings a lot of great ideas to the party.  He offers up ways to make the production more economical and efficient

Director Wez Edwards USA. Dash Berlin Music Video

Feature film DOP CT Leg

ReZort Dop Ct














1stAC Focus Puller / D.I.T

DIT on Tom Odell music video DOP Steve Annis

Warrick has a great understanding and is an extremely skillful and knowledgeable individual.

Sean Sims .

Media film service

Img; Tom Odell Music Video. DOP Steve Annis


Dit Work 

Focus Puller Work 




" Warrick has viorously hunted knowledge in lighting.. He has a great eye for capturing an emotion with cinematography".

Grant Forbes. Master Gaffer