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Winner Visual Spectrum awards 21st Nov 2015 Bronze short filmWinner Visual Spectrum awards 21st Nov 2015 Bronze short film


Warrick Mc Leod wins Bronze award for cinematography at the SASC Visual Spectrum awards,

for his work on his passion project short film. Elven Sky, a feminine divine








Feature Film

2nd unit DOP pick up shoot. Cape Town2nd unit DOP pick up shoot. Cape Town

Dir Steve Barker (Eng)

Trilogy Creative Studios (SA)




Deryck Broom

Trilogy had the pleasure of working with DOP Warrick Mcleod

Filming the opening and closing shots for Matador Pictures'working title ‘Generation Z’ now called The ReZort.Considering the circumstances, Warrick was the perfect DOP for the task. We had to create a live-link feed to the director who was sitting watching and giving direction in the UK. That meant whilst Warrck was filming on the Alexa XT Plus, with a cast and crew on a mountain verge in Cape Town, he was constantly communicating with a team in London who were able to view everything his camera saw live, and they were giving instant feedback.
Warrick was not only professional and creative, his temperament and patience made the challenging production a smooth, enjoyable success.



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